Celebrating a new "Glocal" wine culture

Muriel Wines was created as a family business with strong links to its place of origin. Today, it has become a large global company with an important part of its business dedicated to exports. But we remain very connected to our roots: we live with one foot in the vineyard and the other in the rest of the world.

As the way of making, knowing and savouring wine has changed, we have been able to adapt without losing our essence. Like good wine, the secret lies in the balance between winemaking tradition and innovative spirit. Between authenticity and a cosmopolitan vocation.

Entre el saber hacer y el querer transmitir
Entre el saber hacer y el querer transmitir

Between know-how and the desire to inform.

Because we are what we do, and making wine is our way of being, our vocation, our heritage, our way of understanding life.

We make wine for the harmony of the senses, to understand tastes. To spread the culture of the present, listening to the advice of the past.

We make wine looking forward to the future, taking into account the diversity of emotions.

We make wine to understand cultures, to make people happy.

We make wine for the world.

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A new wine culture for the world

Our wine collection is actually a collection of stories. They all have something to tell, with a different origin, a different voice and a different flavour. We tirelessly seek new wines, new quality brands and new stories to add to our own.

Elciego: el corazón de La Rioja

Elciego: Heart of DOCa Rioja

Elciego, a wine town: Proud of its tradition, it is one of the main towns in the Rioja Alavesa. History also recognises its fundamental role as the cradle of modern Rioja wine.

Bodegas Muriel was founded in Elciego in 1926 and today it is one of its wine symbols. Indeed, our brand is a combination of the name of the town, the name of the region and the surname of the founders, the Murúa family.

Mapa de Elciego: el corazón de La Rioja

Origin and history



José Murúa founded the first winery in Elciego and our great history began.


Second generation

After working as an oenologist in several Rioja wineries, José’s son, Julián Murúa, created Bodegas Muriel.



The third generation joined the company and the opportunities to sell Muriel wine abroad arose.


Real Compañía de Vinos was created

Focused on producing single-varietal local wines that are very good value for money.


For a better world: Maga Foundation

Dedicated to improving the living conditions and education of children in underdeveloped countries. These actions are financed by the sale of the Foundation’s wine, produced by Muriel Wines.


Viña Eguía makes us greater

Its wines represent an effortless, modern and open style. Its incorporation was a major step in terms of volume and capacity.


A treasure under the earth

Bodegas Muriel came into the story with the acquisition of one of the oldest wineries in La Rioja. Conde de los Andes. It has impressive cellars where you can feel the magic of winemaking history and tradition.


Muriel Wines was created

The growth of the brand led to the addition of new wines to our catalogues. We started to work as a group: Muriel Wines.


We welcomed Pazo Cilleiro

It is in the Rías Baixas designation and it produces high quality and competitive Albariño wines.


Acquisition of Finca Montalvillo

400 ha of land on the slopes of the Sierra del Yerga, of which 240 ha are planted. 11 varieties are planted on the same estate, supporting the development and diversity of varieties and styles of wine.


Acquisition of the Valdecuriel winery

In Curiel de Duero in the heart of Ribera de Duero as a commitment to the development of quality wines of this Designation.


We added the Luis Alegre winery to the group

In Laguardia, a benchmark in quality wines and estate wines with iconic vineyards like La Reñana.