Come to a haven/shelter of stability, come to the Calaos

Conde de los andes

Eli and Edu, our enotourism guides of Conde de los Andes, wear the same type of vest during all seasons. A quilted vest, very aesthetic and functional, with the circular logo of the winery stamped on it. A piece of clothing for all seasons, no matter what the weather is outside. Because down there, in the legendary galleries, the temperature is always the same. 

The atmosphere in the famous Calaos de Ollauri is stable. This is crucial. The fact that temperatures always remain practically the same is the fundamental guarantee for perfect aging in the bottle. The passage of time should not be affected by temperature fluctuations, by more or less sudden changes, by heat waves or by freezing days in the coldest part of the winter.
In the depths of the ground, the faintly ventilated air of the passageways perfectly preserves bottles that date back decades, even centuries. The oldest date back to the 1890s, when the winery was founded. They have always been at about 11 degrees and therefore the wine they contain shows a complexity and a spirit beyond the normal notion of time. It is magical to keep alive wines that are 60, 80 or 100 years old!

Shocking situations

At first, visitors arriving at Conde de los Andes in the middle of summer are surprised by the offer made by the guides: to wear a vest to visit the winery. Is it necessary? Of course: the temperature difference can easily exceed 20 degrees in the short time that elapses since they descend from the street level to three or four levels in the depths of the hill of Ollauri. The descent down the narrow stone stairs is a radical change of atmosphere in a few seconds. It is like going into a cave heated by the geology itself.
Tourists immediately understand this perfectly. It can be shocking at first but protect yourself from the singular sense of fresh humidity is almost mandatory.
But on the other way around, there is also room for surprise. On the coldest days of the year, going down to the Calaos means entering a much more pleasant and protected world. Outside, in the streets of the village, temperatures are 3 or 4 degrees. Down below, it's still 10 or 11. Meanwhile, the bottles remain as happy in their stable and quiet existence.
If you come to Conde de los Andes, get ready for these little wonders that enrich even more the experience of the best wine tourism, we will be waiting for you in the Calaos!