Three New Websites, Three Unique Experiences with Muriel Wines

Nuevas webs Muriel Wines

After an in-depth strategic process that has taken us several months of work and creative development, today we unveil the complete digital makeover of three of our group's wineries: Luis Alegre, Pazo Cilleiro, and Valdecuriel that marks a significant milestone in our communication and digital presence.

More than mere accessories, these platforms become the very essence of our activity, merging the digital dimension with our business DNA, creating an experience that goes beyond the conventional.

All these websites sport a really sleek and modern vibe. The textual language and visual code of the new web seamlessly intertwine to convey a modern, functional, and aesthetic image. Beauty and content, united.

In formal terms, balance is the most notable concept: the combination of photography, various chromatic tones, harmoniously matched graphic resources, and typographic families all project a robust digital scene, rooted in history and poised for the future.

Luis Alegre: New Image for New Times

In an exciting leap towards the future, the complete revamp of the Bodegas Luis Alegre website aligns with the repositioning of the Luis Alegre brand within the Muriel Wines Group. This process not only involves an aesthetic transformation but a digital redefinition that reflects the profound change we are undergoing.

Every click on the revamped website is an invitation to explore the authenticity and quality that characterize our wines. With the iconic claim "Great Wines from Small Estates," they are given greater prominence and individual identity within the group's brands.

Pazo Cilleiro: The Birthplace of Albariño

Users delve into a clear, friendly, and enticing environment, able to transport themselves to the Rías Baixas to discover the winery's enclave and immerse themselves in its history. With sections dedicated to vineyards and viticulturists, the history and tradition feature detailed information and a refined design. It's a website that manages to combine business solidity with naturalness and closeness.

Valdecuriel: Reflecting Values 

With user-friendly and visually appealing navigation, we invite users to delve into the rich history of this land, the Valley of Las Pinzas, deeply rooted in ancestral viticulture. The new website, with its carefully crafted navigation and visual focus, offers users an informative immersion into our tradition, environment, and, of course, our wines.

We hope you enjoy our digital environment. We are sure that these changes will not only be successful but will also play a crucial role in charting new paths of communication in the dynamic and complex wine sector.