Conde de los Andes: the moment of plenitude

Conde de los Andes Tinto

“The wine delivers what it promises

2016 is the vintage in which Conde de los Andes’ packaging presentation slightly changes. The label of our Ollauri wine incorporates, precisely, the mention ‘Bodegas de Ollauri.’ The aim is to reinforce the origin, both in a sense of location and historical continuity.

The style of the wine follows the path marked out by previous vintages: intensity in colour and aromas, with a full-bodied, powerful, structured mouthfeel and extremely pleasant nuances. A very expressive Tempranillo that represents well the new paths of our emblematic variety from the Rioja Alta and western Sonsierra.

As a commentator on Vivino writes, its balanced body and the firmness of its notes of red fruit and well-integrated wood make it a "superb and very enjoyable" pairing with grilled red meats.


Perfect moments

This spring, now on its first steps, is also the beginning of the best season for Conde de los Andes Tinto. Very refined after more than three years in the bottle, the wine has developed a marvelous complexity on the palate. The trace of the natural environment where we have the vineyards in the wild foothills of Toloño mountain). The cool environment of the ‘calaos’, or underground cellars, where the wine has aged for a long time. All of these are in the wine, providing a harmony between natural purity and traditional winery experience.

Swiss wine critic Hans Schneeberger sums it up nicely, also in Vivino: Wow beautiful. Creamy, elegant, smooth, modern. With strongly noticeable wood spice and slightly tart tannins. The structure and potential are right. Delivers what it promises.

We like 100% that last sentence: Conde de los Andes fulfills the promise of a great wine: serious, energetic, deep, palatable, fully pleasing.