Viña Eguía, creative varietal diversity

Viña Eguía Varietales

Developing new concepts for the various projects we embark on allows us to explore different approaches to winegrowing. But these all share one thing in common: an unceasing commitment to quality.

Thanks to the wide reach of the Muriel Wines Group, which in the case of Rioja means completely covering the region in all its depth, we can make advances in the understanding of each variety and terroir and develop a complete and high quality product portfolio. This is where, among the many other challenges and new products for this year, you will find Viña Eguía Varietales. 

Viña Eguía varietales is a project which represents the sum of the different vineyards from north to south and from east to west of the Rioja appellation (Rioja Oriental, Rioja Alta and of Rioja Alavesa). 400 ha. of estate vineyards + 700 ha. of managed vineyards (60 ha. In the process of becoming organic). 11 Rioja varieties; 4 red wine and 7 white, and due to increase in the near future. The result of all this compendium of characteristics means we can play with creating carefully studied coupages which offer distinct styles. 

The launch of this collection, which has been added to the existing range of Viña Eguía, includes for the moment, two reds from the 2021 vintage, a white  and a rosé (future 2022 vintage). Symbols of versatility and coherence.  Tasty, cheerful, fruity wines, easy to understand. 

Viña Eguía Garnacha – Graciano 2021. 

Expressive and genuine, it showcases the best elements of each of the grapes. The resurgence of the Garnacha with its freshness and juicy fruit and floral touches, combined with the Rioja classic, Graciano, with its structure and colour. 

A bright, cherry-red colour. Highly aromatic nose with ripe fruit and floral and spicy notes. Fresh and juicy on the palate with a well-balanced body and a very fruity finish.  

Viña Eguía Tempranillo Tinto – Mazuelo 2021. 

A particularly balanced and elegant wine with a refined tannin presence constructed on the concentrated aromas of the Tempranillo and the refreshing earthiness of the Mazuelo

Intense bright cherry-red colour. On the nose, aromas of red berries (strawberries, cherries) and dark fruit (plum).  It is notable for its freshness, together with hints of spices and liquorice. Pleasant and juicy mouth feel with a strong presence of red berry fruit. It has a well-balanced body, the same as in the case of the acidity. The aftertaste can be described as very pleasant and flavoursome.  

Viña Eguía varietales is above all an invitation to discover the fascinating diversity and history of the region’s winemaking heritage, without hiding, but rather highlighting the expressiveness of each vineyard and variety. 

Other new launches will follow these, we will discover them together, will you join us?