Albariño-Rías, a total affinity

Pazo Cilleiro - Albariño-Rias

Pazo Cilleiro follows the passion for a privileged place

From the Pazo Cilleiro winery you can sense the brightness of the Arousa estuary, one of the fa-mous Galician Rías Baixas. This proximity is key to understanding the roots of the Albariño varie-ty. There are few grapes that have such a complete and symbiotic affinity with their place of origin. What is the reason for this perfect relationship?

The soft and wet weather

The Albariño likes to be in front of the sea. It is not just any sea: it is the Atlantic Ocean with all its ferocity and strength. And with all its climatic influence, which defines the identity of the southern coast of Galicia. 
Here, in the heart of the Rías Baixas, the Atlantic favors the direct entry of wet fronts, especially intense when combined with southwesterly winds. The result is a spectacular rainfall record: al-most 2,000 liters per year. 
At the same time, the mentioned winds and the regulating effect of the large marine mass mean that temperatures are mild, with an average of over 14 degrees Celsius.
These conditions are ideal for growing Albariño. The grape receives by the end of the summer a decisive boost to its expressive maturity and at the same time is able to pre-serve its recognized and search acidity.

The cozy "xabre"

The soils are essential to understand the vibrant character of Albariño wines. Its parent rock is granite, which on the surface appears very fragmented, even in sandy form; it is then called xa-bre. 

It allows the abundant rainfall to drain very well and provides a distinct and sharp personality, with notes of subtle minerality. These tones combine wonderfully with the floral and terpenic sparkles of the variety. Albariño and granite seem made for each other.

Life's pleasures

Another great example of the connection between variety and landscape is in the gastronomy of the Galician coast. Pure flavors are magnified and textures gain depth and entity when we har-monize the gastronomy of the Rías Baixas with Albariño wines.

Pazo Cilleiro is the best proof: its enveloping aroma and its vertical and very fresh structure gain even more with the iodized and saline touches of the local seafood. The fish stews, with their dense and slightly fatty point, seem to be perfected even more with the contrast of our Albariño.  Its origin does not deceive: it is born in front of the Rías and its vocation is to accompany the pleasures brought to the table by the self-sacrificing fishermen.