Summer dinners, stylish dinners

viña muriel

For many people, the best part of a summer's day begins when the evening breeze beats the day's heat. When it's time to take a stroll and have a drink. When we get ready for that long-awaited dinner that will surely turn into one of the fondest memories of the holiday.

As well as what we eat, what matters most in a summer dinner? The laid-back mood, the happy atmosphere on the terrace, the perfumed evening air... And that special mix of lightheartedness and style. Hooray for easy-living at this time of year!

Key question: what about the wine?

Class seeks class. That's why, when we go out for dinner with our suntanned skin and beautiful outfits, when we choose fashionable places or restaurants that really understand how to make us happy, or when we welcome the best company in the garden... wine is essential. 

Much has been written about which wines are best for summer, so we are not going to dwell on it. Instead, let's chill a very special bottle in the fridge. One hour will be enough for our Viña Muriel Blanco Reserva to reach the perfect temperature.

As we well know, Rioja Alavesa Viura is particularly versatile. When aged for some time in oak barrels and in bottle, its gentle, inviting yet profound character is intensified. Here it’s its first virtue: it will pair well with virtually anything.

Viña Muriel Blanco Reserva has yet another key quality: a mouth-filling balance that first makes us fall silent and then radiates a feeling of wellbeing. Unctuous, enveloping texture and a final fresh touch. We sometimes jokingly say that it is a wine "of structure and yumminess": complex and attractive, even crisp when it's time to drink it. 

Three opinions

Rocío, in charge of wines and beverages in a business on the coast of Alicante, believes that Viña Muriel Blanco is a very appealing wine: "a juicy palate with lots of energy, while maintaining a strong bond with tradition; elegant notes, reminiscent of an ancestral home, and even smoked hints.”

Matt, a lawyer from Long Island (New York), is one of the biggest fans of Viña Muriel white. "It never fails with pasta dishes, and with lobster it's always a winning combination". He opens most of his bottles with friends, especially in summer dinners. "It's just like another friend in the conversation and the perfect drink at the end of a good dinner —it's long and delicious.”

Emma, from Madrid, discovered Viña Muriel Blanco Reserva while on holiday in Mallorca. "I'm left with the sensation of savouring a plate of mussels mariniere between sips of wine, with my feet touching the sand of the cove.” Sometimes, true class lies in the simplest of pleasures.