Three fine dining trends with Muriel wines

Three fine dining trends with Muriel Wines

Our Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva wines accompany the gourmet “new wave”

Think about the best foody experience you have had this year: what excited you most? Think about the future: What would you like to find in your dishes next year? 

Today we are going “fine dining” to talk about the trends which most appeal to us. And which we hope will venture even further. But always in the company of three oenological icons which are very highly appreciated in the top establishments of cities such as London, Taipei, Copenhagen, Zurich or Querétaro: Muriel Crianza, Muriel Reserva and Muriel Gran Reserva.

1. Diners: versatility, enjoyment and a new high 

We have seen them in all kinds of films and series, with their tables for four and padded chairs, pastel shades and a pop-art aesthetic style. And of course, with coffee permanently on tap at no extra charge. These are the 'diners', this mix of restaurant-cafeteria-hamburger joint that are so typical of the North American hospitality trade. They first appeared two hundred years ago in New York and spread all over the country thanks to their home-style cooking, flexible opening hours and family feel. 
Nowadays, many diners are updating themselves gastronomically to meet new demands. And their open and accessible philosophy is spreading all over the world, adopting healthy eating habits such as accompanying their varied and succulent dishes with good wines. And that’s where our Crianza comes in: its versatility – it is a brilliant match for all kinds of meat and casseroles – it is ideal to envelope the unforgettable flavours of the best diners. 

2. The inspiration of the forest

We really love our vegetable gardens but in the end we are fascinated by what lies beyond our well tended fields: the forest, the mountains and the rugged spaces. A handful of Spanish restau-rants are in the forefront of a kind of cuisine which has its roots in the wild, which extols the deepest essences of Mother Nature. The world of fungi, birds and plants which grow in the dark-est corners. All this universe of primary sensations passes through the filter of a very well-thought out, informed, direct cuisine. . 
Establishments such as Lera, in Zamora, or Arrea, in the Montaña Alavesa (near to our vine-yards), live in spirit and in practice a kind of primitive yet at the same time ultra-modern gastron-omy, which cries out for wines with finesse and complexity, full of authenticity and character. The nuances of the red fruit, spices and clean leaf litter of our Muriel Reserva make it a perfect choice for the kitchens of the forests.

3. The triumph of the great French recipes

France is coming back into fashion. We are witnessing the return of this sophisticated classic style typical of the “grande cuisine”. And we are delighted to find increasingly more legendary dishes from the gastronomy of the tricolour, the one which invented the whole concept of “haute cuisine”. Paté en croûte, béarnaise sauce, velouté, coq-au-vin... are gaining ground in many res-taurants all over the world, attracted by the brilliance of their "grandeur". 
These are dishes which lift the senses yet at the same time confirm the most deeply rooted cer-tainties: balanced flavours, harmony between textures, the bond between tradition and time-lessness, the persistence of the essential. Our Gran Reserva made from the old vines of El-ciego opens up a wonderful dialogue with all these sensations of grandeur and closeness.